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I have reseeding gums very sensitive teeth. Do I go for Dentures?

My teeth a yellowish, to repair a tooth what color do I go (yellow). White looks odd. Cleaning by a solution product I can,t as my teeth are too sensative. Do I opt for nice pearlly whites (dentures) cant afford the screw in implants $30,00.00 +. Help what do I do?

I have reseeding gums very sensitive teeth. Do I go for Dentures?
The best solution is to go to a dentist who will properly evaluate the condition you have. If you have receding gums, you are at a greater risk for root surface cavities. There are dental schools and community health centers that can provide you with less expensive dental care

Is it true you can buy dentures from shops?

I mean other then the NHS %26amp; dentists, if so what kind of shops can you get them from, doesnt matter if they are good quality or not as long it looks like ive got teeth, lol,.by the way how much are dentures from your local dentist %26amp; not the NHS, thanks.

Is it true you can buy dentures from shops?
No, dentures are custom made to fit each individual case. They are not pre-fabricated. Price varies with each dentist, you should discuss this with your dentist or for a referral if he doesn't do denture work.
Reply:I wouldn't think so. You have to have them specially made to fit your mouth.
Reply:I usually just pick mine up from funeral homes.
Reply:fake dentures tht is
Reply:Hi,I have a friend in Wales who buys hers.Look in yellow pages %26amp; Good Luck
Reply:my jeweler makes all sorts of "grilles" out of gold silver, with diamonds etc...

contact a jeweler

also if you go across the border into Mexico you can get a full set of dentures for $100-$300 %26amp; they are just as good as what you get in the states that are 10x the cost
Reply:You have to get them from a dentist. They pull your teeth and then put the new ones in. They have to be made just for you.
Reply:to have a set of dentures made it takes 4 visits and the denture fit you and you only. if you buy them from somewhere and they have don't been made to fit you you can end up with all different things.

dentures and made to fit around you gums and this is done by the size and shape of you mouth as everyone is different, they also have to fit your bite if this is wrong you can end up with pain in your jaws.

on the NHS dentures will cost you just under £200.

please go to the dentist

billie RDN
Reply:Never heard of over the counter false teeth hun. I had some dentures made about 5 years ago not on the nhs, and they were about £400. Why not try a teaching dental hospital, they may do them for you for free or for minimal charge.

If you work, but get working tax credits then you get free dental treatment, including dentures.

NHS dentures are just as good as private made ones, if that is a concern for you.

Mine now are NHS ones and they are just fine.
Reply:A shop???? What kind of shop??? A chop shop??? A gift shop???

Would you get a heart transplant at your local 7-eleven?

This is your health that you are talking about. You need to be concerned about function (being able to actually chew) along with appearance. If you value your health at all get the procedure done correctly by a dental health professional.

Of course if this is no value to you then you can always go toothless. Good luck with that!!!

Am I safe to use tap water in Mexico to clean dentures?

I'm going to Mexico on vacation soon, specifically to Cozumel. I've been there before so I know we will be provided with a bottle of purified water in the bathroom. I recently had to have dentures fitted and I have found that warm water is best for cleaning the denture adhesive off the false teeth. When I go to Cozumel am I ok to use the warm tap water to clean the dentures as long as I rinse them with mouthwash afterwards? Or should I stick to the purified water provided. I don't want to get any nasty tummy bugs, managed to avoid them last time we were there

Am I safe to use tap water in Mexico to clean dentures?
It all depends on where you STAY! If you're staying at a budget property, then yes, use bottled water. If you're staying at a resort or high end hotel, then most likely all the water is ran through a filtration system. You should simply ask the hotel staff. When I send my clients (I own a travel agency) to Mexico, it is normally to all-inclusive resorts. At these types of properties they have filtration and purification systems for even the tap water. So in these cases, there are no problems. In all of the times I have went down to these resorts I recommend, I have used and drank the water, and it is fine. The best thing to do is just ask the staff/manager if the water is filtrated or purified. You can find out travel related information from my company's website at also our company just started a FREE Travel Forum. So, check it out. Hope this helps you and others.
Reply:you were lucky last time. i would avoid drinking the water or using the water even to clean your dentures. warm the bottled water in a microwave. i got sick when i went to mexico. i used the tap water to brush my teeth. i also ate everything in sight, including the food @ the outdoor market places. i was loving it for a couple days and then it was over. i was drinking pepto for a week AFTER i came home. better safe than sorry!
Reply:girl I'm from cancun and that is false. ok You look for a good water like: bonafont, electropura, cristal, and more. are good.


I am 35 yrs old and I'm scheduled to get dentures this month, I have 2 questions?

I finally got Dental coverage this month and I'll be getting dentures before the 1st of the year. I have a gum disease that has caused 75%of my teeth to go bad. I have always practiced good hygiene but the Dentist says that all my teeth have got to go. We discussed implants but they are way out of my price range.

My 1st question is what can I expected from here on out ?

And 2nd I have two gold teeth. When my teeth started to break I didn't have any insurance and could not afford crowns so I got gold instead . What I would like to do is see if the Dentist can remove the gold and put them on the same two teeth on the dentures ? No, I'm not trying to be cool, I just want people to not notice immediately that I have dentures. Call me vain, but I am a young looking 35 yr old female and I really am stressed about this . HELP !

I am 35 yrs old and I'm scheduled to get dentures this month, I have 2 questions?
Reply:Q #1: Below is a great link to everything you might need to know about dentures. It's from my favorite site. Hope this helps.

Q #2: You have every right to ask this. I don't know if they can put the gold in the acrylic teeth (which denture teeth are). You may be charged extra by the dentist because they may get charged more by the dental laboratory. I don't think anyone will notice unless you point it out...if they do they just might think you got a porcelain crowns instead. But you can at least recieve the gold (for it is yours) and make a nice necklace out of it.
Reply:First of all it's going to be painful in the beginning from the extractions and getting used to the dentures.

Second, people are going to notice immediately that something's up because you're going to have perfect teeth all of a sudden. You are going to sound different during the adjustment period and your teeth will stand out.

Don't trip. A close member of my family had the same thing done for similar reasons when she was about the same age and she's in her 70's now. No one really cared about the dentures.
Reply:I wouldn't think you're vain if you're 35 and willing to sport dentures. Real vain people would whore themselves out for a nice set of teeth.

Anyway, gold teeth? That's kind of tacky.
Reply:You may want to get a 2nd opinion with another dentist who can counsel you so that you feel comfortable with your decision. My sister had to have false teeth at 16 yrs old and everything worked out OK for her. Don't worry about what people think. Do what you want to do and do it for yourself. At 35 you are still very young and deserve to look nice and your teeth are an important part of that look. I wish you good luck on this and good for you. Go Girl
Reply:hello sheila !

u r history suggests that u suffered from chronic generalised periodontitis dut 2 which u have lost u r teeth , this happened jsut b'coz of simple thing but major source behind ur problem that wasb'coz of calculus hwich ahs eaten away ur bone , see to that ur brush morning anf evening ata the same time use chlorhexidine 0.2% mouth wash b'4r or after tooth brush twice daily in th emorning and evening before catching sleep, this will prevent plaque formation and theres no way calculus can form , thats how u can save u r rest of ur teeth

once u start wearing ur dentures , these r the some instructions to follow :

once the dentures delivered , learn the correct patheay of insertion and removal ,s o that it doesn't hurt u r tissue

wear dentures for 1 week , review to ur dentist after a week , to check for sore spots .

remove ur dentures at night times before catching sleep , this will make ur tissues to have adequate blood supply .

when dentures r out from ur mouth they should b kept in water and cleansed throroughly with softbrush with any tooth pastes.

and secondly ur 2 tooth has got gold fillings , u were not clear whter u had a gold fillings or gold crown ( i'm sorry if i 'm not clear with ur question ) any ways i 'll give u solution for both of them . if its a case of gold filling it can be removed and repalce with either composites or get the tooth extracted and get it repalced , mind u if ur dentist has planned to get support of ur dentures from those gold teeth , ur dentist is the right person for ur solutions . don't worry every thing is possible in this dentistry

Dr. srikanth , any queries u can mail me
Reply:Wearing dentures is not easy at first, patients have trouble talking with them in and gums shrinking where the dentures become loose. Also sore spots appear from time to time and will need to have them adjusted a few times. The gold teeth are kind of outdated and does not look too good. But if you go with the regular teeth people will think you had them changed to porcelain crowns, they will not automatically think you have dentures. If you still want the gold the doctor can order 2 gold teeth to but on the denture to look just like you have now. No one will know the difference.
Reply:Just a thought... They will take an impression of the gums after extraction but I know people whose teeth were differently sized than the dentures they received... Ask them to take an impression 'before' extraction so they can match your real teeth... and get an extra one casting of real teeth for you to keep because they will throw it away when they are done.

I'm sure they will charge you for it but isn't keeping the same 'look' more important?

Taking a breathalyzer while wearing partial dentures.?

My friend got pulled over and took a breathalyzer and failed. He had partial dentures and peridontal disease. Which i have read on some websites that can affect the breathalyzer test. due to the metal in the partial, alcolhol being trapped under the partial and having pockets in your mouth due to peridontal disease. Anyways this is his second Dui in three years and he took a deferred on the first and has been finished with the deferred for a year and two months. anyone who can answer please?

Taking a breathalyzer while wearing partial dentures.?
it is possible,many things mess with the readings,the machines are not accurate. never take the test,it is a bad thing
Reply:Yeah you gotta watch out for that denture creme. Potent stuff huh?

Is 5000.00 too much for dentures?

My wife went today to the dentist about getting dentures.her teeth are all very bad.Only 2 of her teeth are going to be surgical extractions,the rest are simple extractions.Our insurance will only pay 1000.00.They say it is going to cost us 5000.00.Is this about right??? I thought maybe 500-600 dollars max.Are they trying to rip us off???

Is 5000.00 too much for dentures?
I am going through the same experience with dentures.

Our insurance covers 2000, and we have already used that up with... a cleaning and a filling and 6 extractions.

I need to go to a oral surgeon for the last 13 extractions. Our bill we be around 7000. 2 friends of mine went to affordable dentures and had there impressions and dentures made the same day!!! ANd there bill was about 700. They went to a dental clinic the day before for the extractions. The dentures i am getting cost 3000... not counting all the extras the dentist charges!!! He cleaned my teeth...then pulled them. Made no sense to me, but made him dollars!!!!!!

Check your area and see if you have a Affordable Dentures there. My friends looks great!!!!! And still have cash in there pockets!!! Good luck..
Reply:It depends a lot on the part of the country you live in for dental prices. But I do believe a $500 set of dentures would be of terrible quality. You could also shop around at other dentists and see what they say.
Reply:Actually that sounds about right........I know everything in dentistry is expensive. However, it would be far more expensive to save the teeth. =)
Reply:Tha tis about 10 times what you would pay if you visited a good dentist in Mexcio, which is exactly what i did and saved my self over 90% on US prices

More info on where i went at the url below

Hope this helps


Would you kiss someone who wears dentures?

I like him, but I never have kissed someone with dentures

Would you kiss someone who wears dentures?
Yes, My S/O of 3 1/2 years has dentures --- We are both recovering meth addicts. I was lucky, my teeth are okay. Probably cuz I took vitamins and brushed my teeth alot. I was into doing it safely. LOL. what a crock of crap, but I kept my teeth.

Go ahead, if you like him, don't let dentures stop ya!
Reply:as long as all their other parts are real, yes.
Reply:Id kiss you thats for sure.
Reply:i would if it was you!!!! dang your sexy!
Reply:Only if he was young and hot and worth it.
Reply:Yes, tell him to take them ou before he kisses you. :)
Reply:Hey I would I Love my husband and eventually we might end up with them or with a plaque or something.

If you love the person yes ...that wouldn't get in the way!
Reply:I dated a woman who had her teeth removed because of a car crash. I wasn't dating her teeth..

So yeah I would.

Reply:i kiss my grampop all th timeee x] i sooo lovers him
Reply:What does dentures have to do with the rest of him? I would, besides love over sees all of that. Let's not forget that some day you may have dentures too...
Reply:How old is this dude? I mean you look like you're 18 and unless you're into the May-December thing....

To answer your question I would but just because I'm gettin' up there in years and I may have to someday, I did date a gal with a chipped tooth if that counts.
Reply:Been there, done that. Really a different feel to the inside of their mouth.
Reply:not sure I would want to venture into denture land. Maybe a beer for a quencher!
Reply:sure why not it is not like there is some contagious abnormalty about them .
Reply:Yes....I guess it would feel the same. Just don't think about it.
Reply:no, not until I have dentures

I'm thinkin' he's a little too old for you

try someone with a partial plate or a bridge...
Reply:Yes l would.
Reply:I would how would you know?
Reply:Why not, honey.

we kiss each other because we love each other not because we are models.
Reply:Probably not. I'd know ahead of time and NEVER get with someone who had false teeth. GROSS.

Sorry your man has dentures. :)

I'm just bracing myself for the thumbs downs. :)
Reply:Go for it. I know I won't be kissing him!

I'm sure he's a nice guy and all......
Reply:No. I would ask her to REMOVE her dentures first, and then......yeccchhhh.i cant finish this's too disgusting..

hello dental hygiene.!
Reply:whether you have dentures or not I'm up for it a long 1 minute kiss. lol.

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