Monday, May 17, 2010

Help With Paying For Dentures!!!!?

I am a 33 y.o. single mother of three that lives in Kentucky. I was not fortunate enough to have insurance when I was a child for preventative dental and my teeth are really bad. They are broken and cracked, some to the nerve. I can only eat soft foods and very ashamed of smiling. I know that if I go to the dentist for care, they will have to pull them all out. But with being the age I am, I cant embarrass my children, or myself, by being toothless. Is there any clinics or dentists that offer discounted dentures? I need help desperatly!!!

Help With Paying For Dentures!!!!?
Check with a local agency where you live to see if they offer help for health purposes. I know there is one in the county I live in. Also, do you have a local health department that does discounted dental treatment? I don't recommend going to a discount denture place to have them made. They are usually an extremely cheap grade of denture, and don't usually look very realistic. I know it's expensive to have things done at a dental office, but with dental treatment, you definitely get what you pay for. Good dentists cost more. Period. If your credit is good, you can apply for Care Credit ( Check out their website for more information.

Good luck.
Reply:First thing I would do is go in and find out for sure what you need done. You might be able to have a partial denture, altho I don't know. Then after they tell you what you need, see if they offer a payment plan of some sort. Some dentists do, and others don't. You may just have to call around to dentists in your area. If there is a dental college in your area, alot of times they do work for a reduced rate becuz its students doing the work, but don't worry, they are supervised, so it gets done right. But, your first step is to get to a dentist before it really is to late and costs you even more. Good Luck!
Reply:I will give you the website for a discount dental plan that gives you great savings at the dentist. You can sign up online and also look up providers in your area by zip code, etc.

The site is

Hope this helps you out.

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