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Swelling after upper teeth removal and immediate upper dentures?

I had 9 upper teeth removed yesterday and an immediate denture put in. The new teeth are pretty but my upper lip looks puffed out like a monkey. Do you think it's just swelling or did they make the gum area too big? Will it look more natural after my gums shrink? I'm only 40 years old and don't want these dentures to look obvious. I'm worried.

Swelling after upper teeth removal and immediate upper dentures?
The swelling and the monkey lip is pretty normal. It is a combination of the effects of the extractions and the new foreign body now in place in your mouth. As the swelling goes down and you become accustom to wearing the denture, your lip will return to normal.

Also since this is an immediate denture, there may be the need to make some adjustments to it for both a better fit and for appearance sake.

I suggest keeping a small notebook handy and write down your experiences and comments- pro and con. Share these with the dentist so he/she gets a sense of what you are experiencing. Writing it down is helpful because we all get caught up in the moment in the dentist chair and it is usually no fun talking with to them with your teeth out.

Good luck and feel free to contact me if you want more input

Sandy- full dentures- 7 years
Reply:you will have swelling and the purpose of putting the dentures in after the removal of teeth is to help set your gums to mold them into place with the denture. You will be swollen and the swelling will go down but you have had some serious trauma to your mouth give it a few days.
Reply:Sounds normal. I am sure your new choppers are beautiful
Reply:There is doubtless some swelling, but you're just going to have to wait and see. The lab usually extends the front flange of the denture out under the lip to make sure it doesn't interfere with the gum after the extractions. Remember that this denture is made on an altered model--the teeth are broken off and the model is shaved to an approximation of what the gums will look like after the extractions.

It is possible that the denture flange is holding your lip out. It is quite possible that even if this is true your lip will drape more normally after a few days as your musculature gets used to the denture. If not, it may be possible (as long as the position of the teeth is correct) to reline the denture (either chairside or at a lab) and then grind back the flange so it doesn't puff out your teeth. Your dentist should have told you that a reline will likely be necessary in 6-12 months anyhow.

Steve Bornfeld, DDS
Reply:swelling is normal, but should subside.

you have to remember that the dentures have to be thick to fit and hold onto your jaw, the part on the front was never there before because the roots of your teeth were inside the jaw. you will get used to it.

usually you go back to have the fit checked and adjusted a couple of weeks later. so if it still feels too think see if the dentist can think them a little.
Reply:Swelling is normal following extractions, especially 9 of them, and the insertion of an immediate denture.

The swelling will decrease, so don't stress! You'll be returning to your dentist's office for adjustments, so if the flange is a concern, it can be adjusted easily, giving you a less 'full' feeling....

Be patient, you'll feel/look better in no time!

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